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    Accessories for California
    Air Filter
    Air/Oil Temperature Sensor
    Alternator Removal Tool
    Alternator Rotor

    Back Rest/Luggage Rack
    Ball Cap
    Banjo Replacement Kit
    Bar Backs
    Bar End Weights
    Battery  Drycell 
    Battery-Wet Cell
    Battery Hold Down Kit
    Battery Lift
    Billet Aluminum Accessories
    Books-Workshop, Parts, Owners
    Boot, Split
    Bolt-On Accessories from Harper's
    Bolt-On Accessories-Other
    Bolts & caps
    Brake Bleeding System
    Brake Lever
    Brake Pads and Shoes
    Buy-on-line information click here

    Cable Inserts
    Carb items
    Carb Banjo Replacement Kits
    Center Stand Breva
    Chain Tensioner
    Choke Lever
    Coffee Mug
    CrossOver Pipe
    Cylinders Relined

    Dip Stick
    Dog Leg Levers
    Dyna Electronic Products 

    Electronic Ignition for Ambassador and Eldorado
    Electronic Ignition for 1975 & newer
    Electrical Bolt-on Parts
    Electrical Voltage Regulator,  Solenoid & Starter
    Engine Guard-Breva 1100
    Exhaust Nut

    Fairing Kits
    Fairing, Classic
    Fin Fenders
    Foot Board Conversion
    Fork Boots
    Fork Seals
    Forward Foot Controls
    Fuel Filter
    Fuel Related Parts
    Fuel Tap -Internal Gasket

    Gasket for Headlight
    Gasket for Gas Cap
    Gel Pads for comfort riding
    Generator Bracket
    Generator Cover
    Grip Heaters
    Givi Bags and Accessories

    H&H Fairing
    Handlebar Fairings & Windshields
    Handle Bar Risers
    Handlebar Switch
    Handlebar Weights
    Headlight Ring and Gasket-Older bikes
    Headlight Gasket-T & newer
    Headlight  switch
    Head Guards
    Hepco Becker Luggage Rack/Backrest
    Highway Peg Kit
    H Pipe
    Hyperlite - Flashing Tail Light

    Instruction Sheets

    K  & N Air Filters & Air Filter Conversions
    Key Ring
    Knee Guards
    Knife, pocket

    LaFranconi Mufflers
    Lever, Choke
    Lever, Dog Leg
    Low Comp Gasket Kit--Fuel Intake Parts
    Luggage Rack/Back Rest
    Luggage rack, Breva
    Luggage Rack, V7, Amb, Eldo
    Luggage Rack, T, T/3, G5, Convert, SP

    Map Patches & Map Plaques
    Moto Guzzi Hard Parts Information
    Moto Guzzi Service Department
    Moto Guzzi Picture Frame
    Mufflers and Crossover pipe
    Mufflers, LaFranconi

    Oil Cooler Bracket
    Oil Filter Wrench & OEM Oil Filters
    Oil Lines, SS braided
    Outsider-External Oil Filter Kit

    Passenger Boards
    Parts Rebuilding Services: Engine, Trans, 
    Rear Drive, Clutch plates, Rotor, Starters,
    Generator, Brake Shoes, Cylinders, etc.
    Petcock-Internal Gasket
    Piston Rings
    Patches, Map
    Patches, Moto Guzzi
    Pocket Knife

    Quota Windshield

    Relay 4 or 5 pin
    Rotor, Alternator

    Saddlebag Brackets
    Saddlebags, leather
    Saddlebag liner
    Safety Vest
    Seals, Forks
    Seats, covers, Gel pads 
    Service Department
    Shift Lever
    Shocks-Works Performance
    Solo seat,   pad
    Speedometer Cable Inserts
    Spark Plug Cap
    Spark Plug Wire
    Split Boot for the U-Joint
    Spot light kit-Newer Bikes
    Spotlight Brackets-Older Bikes
    Switch, handlebar; HL, T/sig, etc

    Tachometer Cable Inserts
    T, T/3 to LeMans Conversion Fenders
    Temperature Sensor-Air/Oil
    Timing Gear Kits, Chain Tensioner
    Throttle Cable Block-Aluminum
    Throttle Position Sensor
    Toush Coush
    T Shirts
    Turn Signals- mini stalk
    Turn signals-Lucas Replicas

    U-Joint Boot-Split

    Valtek Mufflers
    Vest, Inflatable Safety 
    Vetter Fairing Brackets
    Voltage Regulator

    Works Shocks
    Workshop, Parts, Owners & other Books
    Windshields and brackets
    Windshields, universal mount
    Wrench, oil filter

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Bolt-on Accessories From Harper's 
Also see windshields and brackets 
We have been busy  designing  and building bolt-on accessories for your Moto Guzzi V700, Jackal, Bassa, California Special and many other  models. All of the  Harper Accessories are easy bolt-on items. No drilling, welding or cutting to fit.
Scroll down for Electrical.
 Note: Not all items on this page are Harper built accessories.

Hepco Becker Center Stand Breva 750cc
Stable. Rugged. Easy to handle. Custom-made and easy to mount. The center stand of Hepco & Becker. Thanks to a sophisticated geometry and slippery-proof footprints, it is absolutely easy to park your motorbike in most any situation safely.  This center stand is made very stable.  Sandblasted and powder-coated, and, thus, made for a long life.  You depend on the right standpoint if you want to stand safely.

 505.532 Breva Center Stand 226.00

Hepco Becker Luggage Rack and Backrest.

Hepco Becker has been making motorcycle products for over 25 years. You can't stay in business that long and make shoddy equipment.  Their experience shows in this luggage rack.  It is very well done. This will not accommodate a back box. 

611.524 Bassa, California Special, Stone, Stone Metal, Nevada, Aluminum, Titanium. $362.28
611.525 Jackal $349.95
611.536 Stone & Stone Touring.  Black Only $298.86
 Breva 1100  Engine Guard
1160920 Silver Powder Coated Guards $195.95



Breva 1100 Luggage Rack
1178150 Silver powder coated rack  $197.20.

Note: Please allow 4 weeks delivery.

Breva 750 Luggage Rack
Platform size: 24X25cm OR 9 1/2X 9 11/16"
1178130G Silver Powder Coated Rack   $195.95
1178130N   Black Powder Coated  Rack   $195.95

Breva 750 Luggage Rack from Givi

New Givi luggage rack for the Breva 750. Can be used for mounting any Givi back box. Shown here without seat so you can see how the rack actually mounts to the bike. Direct bolt on. No drilling necessary. Instructions included.  Extremely strong, recycled, injection molded plastic rack.  
Heavy duty metal brackets.

703F  Luggage Rack & Brackets    $151.00
New Luggage Rack Fits Breva 1100 
From Givi

Extremely strong, recycled, injection molded plastic. Rack can also be used for mounting the Givi back box.  
Direct bolt-on with no drilling needed. Instructions included. 

SR210 Mono Rack for Breva 1100 $109.00


Harper's Dog Leg Levers are back!

With our Dog Leg Levers you are reaching a shorter distance and using less effort to pull. This results in less hand fatigue and stress and more comfortable riding. Add a pr. of FinQ or Tacki-Grips for even greater comfort! Levers are made from Billit Aluminum and polished. Click here for grips

062939  Brake Lever: Fits  V50 III, V65C, V65SP, T, T/3, G5, 1000SP, CX, CAII, LM I, Convert & bikes with the round m/cylinder through the mid-80's.
Not available for V50 I and V50 II.
$61.95 ea
062940 Clutch Lever: Fits V50 I,  II & all models listed for 062939.  Not available for the T.  $61.95 ea
Save 15%! Cl & Br lever, pr. Buy a pr. and save 15%!
Fits: V50 III, V65C, V65SP, T/3, G5, 1000SP, CX, CAII.  Set not available for T or V50 I & II.
$105.31 pr
head guards black 1.JPG (121247 bytes)
Harper's Head Guards-Polished  Billet Aluminum  
Protect your heads, valve covers and spark plugs should the misfortune of dropping your bike ever come your way.  Machined from billet 6061-T6 aluminum with new designs are stronger and more attractive than ever. Also now supplied with stainless bolt set for valve covers. Bolts included.
011052 All big block round head motors, polished  $  95.95 pr
011054 All big block square head motors, polished $  95.95 pr
011054B All big block square head motors, black
(Out of Stock)
$105.95 pr


For Round Head
Harper's Head Guards-Old Style-Tube Type. 

Similar to types found in the early 1970's. Better period look for older bikes. 
Less money, too! Fits all big block twins except the Daytona.   
Dress up your bike with a little extra chrome.  These are for show only & will 
not protect your bike the way the Billet Aluminum head guards will.  But if 
you are not concerned about that then these are a nice addition to your bike.
1019010C     For Round Head     $59.95 pr
253300   For Square Head  $59.95 pr

For Square Head
Photo Soon

T-Bag Convertable.  Soft luggage
with Velcro mounting system. 

Padded backpack straps. 
Has top roll bag and tons of extra storage. 
Fits in the overhead compartment of an airplane, easily.  New, never used!
Size approximate: 20" Tall  X 15"  Wide X 10" Deep.
One Only!!

T-Bag        $200.00
Saddlebag Liner

40 ltr. bag liner made for Hepco Becker Bags but could be used in any 
bag of the correct dimensions. Excellent water resistant construction. 
Size is Approx. 15" Long X 10 1/2" High X 7 1/2 Deep. 

4876 5045  40 ltr Bag Liner  $291.00
Harper's Sturdy, Soft Saddlebag Brackets for the Stone, 
Jackal and 1994-96 California models. Keep your bags from rubbing on 
your bike.  Easy care black powder coated.
06 2950    Jackel    $119.00
06 2951 Stone, 1994-96 California models    $119.00


Harper's Generator Cover 
Replace that ugly black plastic generator cover with this polished stainless 
steel cover. AND it cost less than OEM! Includes SS bolts. Will not work 
as an alternator cover.

1270 0610 Polished SS Generator Cover, pr  $45.90
Harper's Generator Bracket 
We improved on the OEM bracket. Stronger, longer lasting 
and resists cracking. Cad Plated.
1270 0300A Improved Generator Bracket   $39.87

Harper's Battery Hold Down Kit 
These have been somewhat hard to obtain. We have powder coated the 
battery hold-down frame and cad plated the hold-down bolts to make a 
better looking unit. And it costs less than OEM!

1270 4601A Battery Hold-Down Kit  $48.97

Harper's Highway Pegs and Mounts
Extend your riding time by giving yourself one more way to change your 
riding position. These polished stainless and chrome highway pegs mount 
at the front of the frame giving a comfortable and stable feel to add miles 
to your day. Fits T & newer including the EV, Vintage and others. 
Will not work on Convert or G5 with large rectangular crash bar. 
Not for Quota or sport bikes. For bikes without crash bars or with 
small crash bars.

01 1081  Highway Peg Kit   $119.00

Harper's Footboard Conversion 
For the Jackal,  Bassa, Stone & all California models with foot pegs.
Lower the position of your feet, relax your knees and get the mobility and 
comfort of footboards for your bike. Drops your foot about 1" lower than 
the original pegs. Boards are Chrome over steel. Brackets are powder 
coated, black. Boards are hinged, not fixed.

01 1090   Harper's conversion    $225.00
Harper's Passenger Boards
Don't forget the comfort of your passenger. We all know if the passenger 
is happy, everyone is happy! 
01 1093 Fit: T, T/3, G5, Convert, Jackal   $175.00 pr
01 1094 Fit: V11 EV, Bassa, 2002 Special Sport & California series with the aluminum foot peg mounts   $175.00 p
Civilian  LAPD


Harper's Windshield Bracket
For V7, Ambassador and Eldorado
Original LAPD style windshield mount with no modification to gauge panel necessary. Mounts to panel mounting bolts, allowing for a variety of windshields.  Relocates windshield and allows for spotlight mounting.  Black powder coat.

01 1071 V7, Ambassador & Eldorado Civilian  $59.95 pr
1350 6800 Ambassador & Eldorado LAPD  $59.95 pr
Harper's Spotlight Mounting Brackets  
Fits:  V7, Ambassador & Eldorado.
Put spots on your bike for greater road visibility at night. Reporduction of original spotlight mounting bracket.

Includes all necessary hardware.  Does not include spot lights.

01 1071 Windshield Bracket $59.95 pr
01 1072 Spotlight Kit, only $59.99 pr

NOTE: You need 01 1071 bracket kit (above) to be able to mount the 
01 1072 kit.

Hepco Becker Spot Light Kit
For 98 & Newer  Cruiser & Touring Moto Guzzi's
the EV touring with the fairing Works very well with the H&H SE fairing.  Kit comes complete with all necessary hardware& instructions. 
400.521   Spotlight Kit California Models    $261.95
400.534   Spotlight Kit Nevada   $261.95

Chrome Headlight Rim & Gasket
These have not been available from Moto Guzzi for years. We had them 
made. Very nice reproduction. Fits: V7, Ambassador & Eldorado.

1274 0321A 
Price Reduction! 
HL Rim   $35.95  
1274 0420A   HL Gasket    $  7.74
Headlight Gasket at better than OEM quality!
Headlight gasket for the T, T/3, LeMans I, G5 & Convert is now in stock 
at less than the competion's pricing.  Since this gasket is not available from 
the factory we had them made for you. It is an exact reproduction.

There are variations in the stock headlight that comes on the Guzzi's. We 
have included a photo for your reference only.  This gasket is for the 
round HL only. Won't work on the square HL.


1774 0424 HL Gasket SAVE! Only $45.00

Reference Photo
Buy the Relay for your Guzzi From Harper's and SAVE!
(Four pin relay shown)
Fits: Nevada, Nevada Club, 2002-03 V1100, 2001-02 V11 LeMans Naked, 1999-01 V11 Sport, 2003-5 V11 Cafe Ballabio 
PART # Type OEM Retail Harper's
0173 1760 5 PIN  $31.79  $19.95
0173 2560 4 PIN  $30.89  $19.95

EBC Organic (Kevlar) Streetbike Brake Pads

Worlds top selling organic pad

Fingertip stopping power

Superb brake "feel"

Zero rotor damage


EBC Organic pads are made with Aramid fibres such as Dupont® Kevlar® or Twaron® and deliver impressive stopping power and the "Feel" so often desired by bike riders allowing them to "Feather" the brake as they decelerate. 
Public opinion is that organic pads don't last long but the myth was broken when seven years ago EBC launched its current DMX formulation street organic pad of which over 13 million sets have been sold with a zero failure rate in the market. 
This is a truly impressive pad with low rotor abrasion, good life and deep progressive braking power.
Call  or e mail for application, price and to place an order.
Fuel Related Parts
Air/Oil Temperature Sensor
Save, Save, Save!
Air and oil temp sensor fits all California 1100's 1994 through 1997. (Requires 2) Air only on all 1998 and later models. (Requires 1) Same as OEM
Part No. Description OEM Retail Harper's Price
3072 9331 Air/Oil Temp Sensor $80.38 $59.66
Replacement Fuel Tap Gasket
Got a leaky fuel tap? We have the internal replacement gasket.  Help save 
the environment and save money at the same time.  Rebuild your fuel tap 
with our gasket. Specify which gasket you need.
Part No. Description Retail
V700, Ambassador and Eldorado
1210 5401G2 2 hole gasket $4.00
12105401G3 3 hole gasket $4.00
All models from T thru Cal II
1710 5460G3 3 hole gasket $4.00
1710 5460G4 4 hole gasket $4.00
Banjo Replacement Kit
Got a leaky gas line? Don't replace that expensive, leaky stock fuel line! 
Use the Banjo Replacement Kit. It eliminates the need for the crossover 
tube and saves you money.  Kit includes 2 double outlet metal banjos, 
2 fuel filters, 2 fiber washers and one 3 ft length of fuel line. 
0400098  Banjo Replacement Kit  $24.95
151912 In-Line Fuel Filter     $1.95 ea
Metal Carb Banjos
Metal Carb Banjos are available in single or double outlet. Next time 
your plastic banjo cracks or breaks replace it with the single outlet, 
metal banjo.  Why wait? Replace it now before the plastic ones break. 
Don't run the risk of down time because of a small inexpensive part.
1171 600  Single Outlet  $5.25 ea
1171 800  Double Outlet  $5.25 ea
1393 4700  Gasket (not shown)    $  .38 ea
4393 4000 Banjo Screen (not shown)   $2.91 ea
Choke Levers
Get rid of those messy looking choke cables! Give your bike a less 
cluttered look, in one simple operation. Replace your choke cables 
and the choke lever on the handlebars with this choke assembly. 
Installs easily on your carburetors. No special tools needed and no 
drilling necessary. 2 needed.  Will not work on VHB 29.
1493 7800 Choke lever fits VHB 30 & 36 Carbs     $20.44  ea
107 3810   Fits PHM 40mm Carbs       $21.07 ea
107 3700   Fits V50 & 65     $17.10 ea

Gas Cap Gasket

Measures 1 1/2" ID and 2 1/4" ID. Fits many early model Guzzi's. 
You will need to measure your gasket as there are to many different 
models to list here.

1410 3955G Gas Cap Gasket $ 4.00
Magura Choke Lever
Replacement choke lever from Magura for the V700, Ambassador
and Eldorado.  Replaces 1211 8000 and 1211 8005 choke levers.  
Cast aluminum, painted black.
14AL7 Replacement Choke Lever   $35.95

Aluminum Throttle Cable Block  1979-1983 bikes.
Replaces plastic cable block used from 1979 to 1987 that wears out 
at the end allowing the throttle to return to far. 
We had them made for you.

6560 4400A   Throttle Block  $29.00

Tachometer Cable Inserts   $10.00 each
Item No. Length Fits MG # Fits Bike
1093700 536mm 1976 8100 V50, T/3, G-5, LM II, CX100, T, V7 Spt. 
1093800 640mm 1976 8180 V50 III, CA II, LM IV, V65 SP
1093900 660mm 1976 8136 MONZA, LARIO
1093910 553mm 19768135 MONZA
1094000 626mm 2876 8150 LM III, SPII, T/5, MILLE GT
1095000 1280mm 0376 0465 EV 02-05, Aluminum/Titanium  02-04, 
Cal Classic & Vintage  06-08, Aquila Nera 2009
Speedometer Cable Inserts  $10.00 each
1094400 805mm 1976 0400 V50, V50II
1094600 898mm 1976 0480 V50 I\II
1094700 915mm 6176 0440 MONZA, V65 SP, LARIO
1094800 1108mm 1476 0450 LM I, CAL II
1094900 1128mm 2876 0450 LM III
1095100 1110mm 1276 0400 V7, V7 SPT, AMB., ELDO, T, T/3, CX100, G5, SP1000, CONVERT, CAIII, 1000S, 1996 CAL 1100-CARB  MODEL
1095200 1146mm 2876 0410 T5, SP2, LM1000, LM SE, LM V, Mille GT, STRADA, QUOTA, T5 POLICE, Cal III, 1000S
Please note: Suggested use--Due to wear factor we recommend alternating complete cable and cable insert. The next time your cable breaks replace it with a complete cable.  When it breaks again, replace it with the cable insert.

Fork Seal Set for 1998 thru 2004 Guzzi Cruisers
OEM fork seals and dust seals cost $104.46 to replace using original 
parts. Now from Harper's we have aftermarket replacement parts for 
this operation  at a great savings to you.  OEM quality parts made 
specifically for Marzocchi forks.  In stock now!

Save $$$  with Harper's Fork & Dust Seal Set! 
0353 0000  Fork Seal/Dust Seal Set    $48.75 Save $55.71!
Electrical Bolt-On Items
spark_plug_wire.JPG (18731 bytes) Spark Plug Wire Kit
Plug caps not included. Order OEM or NGK separately. NGK plug caps were supplied as original equipment on later models.
061079 Dual coil models 1975 & later $14.95
061080 V700, Ambassador, Eldorado $19.00
LB05F  90 Degree Bend NGK Cap  $ 3.95ea
XD05F 45 Degree Bend NGK Cap Lario $3.95 ea
Valeo Starters & Parts
We stock the Valeo starter that will retrofit to any 5 speed machine fitted 
with Bosch equipment as original. Valeo starters will draw less current 
from the battery & are 4 pounds lighter than the Bosch as well as being 
less expensive. This is NOT the cheap Chinese knockoff!
3073 0711 Valeo Starter $295.38
3073 0711+ Complete Rebuild Kit $  24.95
12351P  Positive Brushes $   7.98
12351N Negative Brushes      $   5.95
02342  Solenoid    $ 79.95

04 0003
Mechanical and Electronic  Voltage Regulator for all Bosch Alternator systems after 1974. 
For machines with crankshaft mounted Bosch alternator charging systems. While both choices are quite serviceable, the electronic is a little bit more durable to vibration, as well as more water resistant.
04 0003      Electronic Voltage Regulator $34.95
04 0002    Mechanical Voltage Regulator   $89.95

Please Note: Aftermarket replacement Voltage regulators for your Moto 
Guzzi can save you money and work just as well or better than original. 

Please note
that most V700 and Ambassador models use Magnetti Marelli charging components, while Eldorado generally use Bosch.  This is commonly 
the way the bikes were shipped, however always check to insure that your bike 
has the proper components installed. Magnetti Marelli and Bosch generators 
must use the compatible regulator. Improperly mixing of the components can 
cause damage to your parts.  Harper's Moto Guzzi assumes no responsibility for installation of electrical components.  Electrical components are non-returnable.

Replacement Starter Solenoid for your Bosch starter
Much less expensive than original replacement.
1473 0558A  Bosch replacement solenoid $54.25

Voltage Regulator for Marelli and Bosch Systems

04 0007  V700, Ambassador  Regulator replacement for 
  Magnetti Marelli  pre 1974
04 0005   Manual Voltage Regulator replacement for Bosch.  1974 & later.   $69.95
04 0003   Electronic Voltage Regulator replacement for Bosch.  1974 & later.       $34.95
Voltage Regulator for models with Ducati Alternator
Part # Description Retail Our Price
3770 3805 Regulator  $264.66 214.95

Alternator Rotor New, Not Rebuilt.
This is the correct fit rotor for all Moto Guzzi's with a Bosch charging 
Buyer Beware: There are two Bosch alternator rotors that look 
the same but the one for the BMW is 1/2mm smaller and allows too 
much air gap and will not charge properly when used on the Moto Guzzi.
Correct measurement for the Moto Guzzi rotor is 73.5mm
BMW measures 73mm. 1/2mm = .020 excessive air gap.
We only sell the OEM rotor for the Moto Guzzi.

1771 2457B Rotor $125.00
Alternator Removal Tool

If you do your own work this is a tool you will want in your tool box.
This special tool makes removing your alternator much, much easier. 
It is worth the money.

NOTE: This tool is a hardened dowel pin that we have cut to the 
proper length. This is not a taper pin.
Taper pins are soft as well as most other things you can put in there
which will bend and then it is lodged in the hole and you can't do 
anything else until you get it out.

1490 6600       Tool        $ 13.36

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