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Electronic Ignition for Ambassador and Eldorado
Electronic Ignition for 1975 & newer
Electrical Bolt-on Parts
Electrical Voltage Regulator,  Solenoid & Starter
Engine Guard-Breva 1100
Exhaust Nut

Fairing Kits
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Foot Board Conversion
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Fuel Filter
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Generator Cover
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Givi Bags and Accessories

H&H Fairing
Handlebar Fairings & Windshields
Handle Bar Risers
Handlebar Switch
Handlebar Weights
Headlight Ring and Gasket-Older bikes
Headlight Gasket-T & newer
Headlight  switch
Head Guards
Hepco Becker Luggage Rack/Backrest
Highway Peg Kit
H Pipe
Hyperlite - Flashing Tail Light

Instruction Sheets

K  & N Air Filters & Air Filter Conversions
Key Ring
Knee Guards
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LaFranconi Mufflers
Lever, Choke
Lever, Dog Leg
Low Comp Gasket Kit--Fuel Intake Parts
Luggage Rack/Back Rest
Luggage rack, Breva
Luggage Rack, V7, Amb, Eldo
Luggage Rack, T, T/3, G5, Convert, SP

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Moto Guzzi Hard Parts Information
Moto Guzzi Service Department
Moto Guzzi Picture Frame
Mufflers and Crossover pipe
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Oil Lines, SS braided
Outsider-External Oil Filter Kit

Passenger Boards
Parts Rebuilding Services: Engine, Trans, 
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Generator, Brake Shoes, Cylinders, etc.
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Quota Windshield

Relay 4 or 5 pin
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Safety Vest
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Seats, covers, Gel pads 
Service Department
Shift Lever
Shocks-Works Performance
Solo seat,   pad
Speedometer Cable Inserts
Spark Plug Cap
Spark Plug Wire
Split Boot for the U-Joint
Spot light kit-Newer Bikes
Spotlight Brackets-Older Bikes
Switch, handlebar; HL, T/sig, etc

Tachometer Cable Inserts
Tank Bag
T, T/3 to LeMans Conversion Fenders
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Take full responsibility for your indulgences.

Please read this page first. Someone else may have already asked what you are wanting to know. The top few questions are related to service items. 

The bottom of the list is related to e mail, orders, shipping, and miscellaneous. To go to: orders, shipping, etc questions, Click here

The following are questions we get consistently and a few unusual ones also. If you have a question that you think should be listed, feel free to e mail us your suggestion.     

Q 1. Where do I find color matched paint?
Need to find color matched paint for your Goose? This be the place. 1980 and newer models, only. Paint is not available from Moto Guzzi.
 Try: or try

Q 2. My bike has not been started in over a year.  What should I do?
A. Do not try to start it before you do the following:
     1. Prelube the cylinders with a penetrating or solvent type oil. Squirt oil in spark plug hole and allow oil to set for a minimum of 15 minutes.
      2. Roll engine slowly with a wrench on the end of the crank until engine turns freely.
       3. Clean the carbs thoroughly before starting.
Note: If you do not follow this procedure there is a risk of damaging a cylinder wall and/or piston and rings.

Q 3.
My bike has been setting all winter, should I clean the carbs?
Yes! If your bike has been sitting for 3 months or more you definitely need to clean the carbs. Remove the carbs and disassemble. Soak only the metal parts in carburetor cleaner dip for at least 4 hours or longer. Flush well with water and dry with compressed air. Remember to check all the jets and passageways to make sure they are open.

Q 4. What is the Valve timing and required oil for California’s with hydraulic lifters?
A. Engines with hydraulic lifters require 5W 40 oil (mineral or synthetic).
Note Also: The engines with hydraulic lifters have a new camshaft with different timing than engines that do not have the hydraulic lifters. The hydraulic lifter camshaft timing is: Intake: opens 20° before TDC.  Closes 47° after BDC. Exhaust: opens 51° before BDC.  Closes 15° after TDC

Q 5. How can I tell if my T has an oil filter?
A.  The very late T's may have had an oil filter. Look under the oil pan.  If there are 4 bolts in the middle of the pan then it has an oil filter.  If there are only bolts around the perimeter of the pan then it does not.

Q 6. Does my Ambassador or Eldorado have an OIL FILTER?
No, it only has a screen. This means that you should change your oil more often to add life to your engine and avoid costly rebuilds. A few cans of oil and a pan gasket are whole lot cheaper than a bore job, new pistons and rings. Every 2,000 miles is a good average for oil change.
After a while you will be able to tell, judging by how dirty the oil is, if you should do it more often or if you can go a few more miles between changes. 

Q 7. I purchased an EZ Pull Dip Stick. How do I mark the rod?

A. The best way to mark the EZ pull is to lay the original and the EZ pull side by side. The ez pull should have the retainer fitting on the stick.  Put the gasket surfaces in line with each other  then adjust the gasket surfaces for the thickness of  the outsider and then mark the low and high marks to match the distance on the original stick.  It is better to be slightly below the full mark than on it or over it because Guzzi's don't like too much oil.  They tend to spit it back at you.
First off Quarts and liters are very close in volume but a liter is slightly more than a quart.
 I always used 3 qts and that should put it slightly below the full mark after it is started and the filter gets filled.  If it is not, then add just enough to be just below the full mark.

Q 8. My owners manual says I should use Moly in my Rear Drive but I can't find it. Do you sell it?
A. Yes, we have it in 3 oz bottles. That is enough for 3 changes.
  Click here for more information.

Q 9. What weight and how much oil do I use in the transmission, rear end and engine?
A. For most all Moto Guzzi's engines we recommend Valvoline multi-viscosity 20/50 engine oil for the summer (55 degrees or above) and 10/40 for winter use (below 55 degrees). The transmission and rear end use Hypoid 80/90. The transmission takes about 1 qt and the rear end about 1/2 qt. Engine takes approx. 3 qts. 
You should consider adding Moly to the rear drive. Use ATF oil in your forks.
Be aware that some of the popular oils have too much detergent and create to much foam which causes crankcase pressure at high RPM. The result is that the oil will foam and cause oil to blow out the vent hose.

If you are looking for a synthetic oil click here for more info.  Redline
Note: On the 2003 California's with hydraulic lifters you will need to use 5W40 oil. Mineral or synthetic. 

Q 10. What brake fluid do I use and how much.
A. For brake fluid use DOT 3 or DOT 4. Fill to the level line in the reservoir.

Q 11. How much oil do I need in the transmission, rear end and engine?
Fill the transmission & rear end until it trickles out the level hole. If you put too much in the transmission it will blow out the transmission vent. Transmission  takes about 1 qt and the rear end takes about 1/2 qt. The engine requires about 3 qts.

Q 12. My transmission vent seeps. How can I correct this problem?
A. On bikes with a vent hose, T and newer, the hose should be run up along side the battery. On big block bikes without a vent hose you will need to retrofit the vent plug, gasket and hose, which we have in stock. Then run the new hose up along side the frame or battery area.

Q 13. What do I use for FORK OIL, what weight and how much?
All front forks with a front disc brake use Dextron ATF. V700, Ambassador, Eldorado with drum brake use 7 oz. Dextron ATF in each leg.  

V7 Sport, 850 T and newer all use about 2 oz. per fork leg. 
NOTE: Fork oil is only there for lubrication not for dampening in these models. 

Q 14. Should I use silicon seal on my gaskets?
A. No. Moto Guzzi gaskets are made of a self-sealing material and do not require any sealer. Here are a couple of photos to show you why you should not use sealer. The silicon seeped into the oil passageways and stopped the oil flow and we all know what happens when you stop oil flow in your Moto Guzzi...Italian Fried engine!

Q 15. What are the valve settings?
.. Through 1990 the valve settings are .006 intake and .008 exhaust. NOTE: On all round head cylinders you will need to torque the heads first.

Q 16. What are the torque specs for my bike?
The torque specs for the round head cylinders are 35 foot pounds.

Q 17. What is the valve timing on my new 2003 California? 
A. The 2003 California engines with hydraulic lifters have a new camshaft with different timing than engines that do not have the hydraulic lifters.

The hydraulic lifter camshaft timing is: Intake: Opens 20deg before TDC. Closes 47deg after BDC

Exhaust: Opens 51 deg before BDC Closes: 15deg after TDC

Q 18. As a vertically challenged person (5.6) I would like to change the rear suspension on my 1999 Jackal  to lower the bike about an inch. 
A. You should try to go to a lower profile tire like from a 110/90 to a 110/80, 80 being the lower profile number. Also, an  upholsterer can take some of the foam out of your seat. Be sure to not change the angle of the U-joint more than 1 inch.

When you change the angle of the u-joint there is the chance you could put it in a position that is too extreme causing premature U-joint failure. However, having said that, you could change the shocks. We have been selling the Progressive Suspension for years for a  very good reason-they work! An inch would be the maximum you should go with a shorter shock. We have 1/2" and 1" shorter than your 13 1/2" shock. See shocks. 

Q 19. After installing the Dyna III, it only runs on one cylinder.
Remove the spark plugs, replace end caps and lay them on the cylinder head. Turn engine over and watch sparks to determine which is missing. Disconnect (key off) the white and black sensor wires and reconnect in reverse (black to white). If spark transfers to opposite plug, it indicates a bad sensor. If it stays with the same plug, it indicates a bad electronic module, a bad coil or a problem somewhere in the wiring not associated with the sensor plate. Lost the Dyna instruction sheet? Click here.

Q 20. How do I do a Module/Coil test on my Dyna III?
A. Disconnect the sensor wires and touch the female (module end of the input wires to ground. Do not touch the 12 volt (red) sensor wire to ground. You should get a spark at the appropriate spark plugs every time the inputs are grounded. If not, it indicates a bad electronic module, a bad coil, or a problem somewhere in the wiring not associated with the sensor plate.

Q 21. Do you have a side cover for an Ambassador or Eldorado?
Yes, we have a limited supply of used, paintable side covers for the Ambassador and Eldorado. 

Q 22. Do you rebuild engines?
A. Yes, we do. We have a full service shop and have been repairing Moto Guzzi's since 1970. You can crate your engine, transmission, generator and carbs and ship to us via truck lines.  We will tear it down and call you with an estimate. When you receive the work back it will be tuned and tested, ready to install in your restored rolling chassis. Call us about which truck lines to use.

Q 23. Do you restore Moto Guzzi's?
A.  Yes, this is our specialty. We take pride in restoring the Moto Guzzi back to it's original, beautiful condition. Please call for details. 800 752 9735.

Q 24. Does Harper's still sell reproduction silencers for the V7 Sport?
A. Yes, we do. 

Q 25. Is it necessary to replace the X-over on my 1100 EV to use the Harper Outsider kit?
No, it is not. We redesigned the Outsider. It is now thinner so you don't need to replace the X-over. The Outsider will  NOT work on  all Sports models, Daytona and Centauro. It will work on the Quota.

Q 26. Why isn't my motorcycle rear end vented?
. There is a very valid reason for not venting your bike's rear end. Pressure drives the gear oil into the pinion bearing. If you vent the rear end your pinion bearings could burn up prematurely due to lack of lubrication. Drive shaft splines will also suffer from lack of lubrication.

Q 27. Can I use unleaded gas in my bike?
Yes, you should not have a problem.

Q 28. What tire pressure should I run?
Check the side wall of your tire. You will find what is best for that tire. Depending on load variables it could vary. Because rims/wheels are made of a soft alloy they tend to bend with low tire pressure. Try to keep tire pressure on the firm side but do not exceed the tire manufacture's specs.

Q 29. I want to make my bike to look like a LeMans. Is this possible?
Yes. The T, T/3, G5 seem to be the bikes that are being retrofitted to the LeMans style. There are no LeMans gas tanks available. You will need to use the 1000S tank and gas cap. Then you will need to change the seat and rear fender as the tank will only work with the 1000S seat. The seat and fender of the 1000S mount entirely different from the above models.

When you change handlebars you will also have to change cables to shorter ones.

Q 30. I want to paint my exhaust pipes but can't find heat resistant paint.  What can I do?
Our parts manager suggested two things. First: Try to do it your self. There are many paints that will work on exhausts, it is the way you apply the paint.
1. Clean your exhausts very well, maybe even bead blast to get a really clean surface.
2. Get your pipes really hot, like in a very hot oven for about 15-20 minutes.
3. Have everything prepared outside or in a special room for painting. Including a place to hang the pipe while painting and drying.
4. Take the hot pipes, one at a time, to the prepared area and paint. Allow to cool after painting. It is the expansion of the cold metal that pops the paint. Painting it while cool
will not have the same effect.
Second way, if that does not work, would be to send your pipes to us and we can do a ceramic coating. It is available in black or aluminum color.

E-mail & shipping questions start here.

Q. I sent you an e-mail and you did not respond. Why not?
We do answer all e mail pertinent to our Moto Guzzi business. It is the same thing to us as if you called on the phone. Sometimes we get a message back saying the e mail was undeliverable. If you will please put an alternative method of contacting you this would help, considerably. FAX, mailing address, phone number, (specify time to call or leave a day and evening phone number), etc. If you are not in the USA please give us a mailing address and which country you are in. If you don't hear back please contact us again.

Q. I only received part of my order. Where are the other items?
If you will look at the invoice there is a column for back ordered items. Unless you specified not to split ship, we ship what is in stock and back order the items that are out of stock. We will ship the backordered items when they arrive.

Q. My package arrived damaged and some parts are missing.
A. You will need to call the carrier and put in a claim. Once it leaves our premises it is no longer under our control.

Q. I do not see my question listed in the FAQ. How do I find an answer to my question?
A. Submit your question via e-mail to customer service & mention FAQ. You will receive an e-mail response and possibly your question will be added to our FAQ. Or you can call 816-697-3411 and speak directly to our service manager.

Q. Can I place an order via e mail? What credit cards do you accept?
A. Yes, you can place your order with e mail. Since we do not have "Secure Buy", you can e mail us the first half of your charge card number along with your order and then e mail the second half of your card with your expiration date. Don't forget to include mailing address and ship-to address, if different, and your daytime and evening phone numbers. FAX number also, if you have one. We take all the major cards. MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express. 

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