Aftermarket Fin Fenders & luggage racks and GIVI LUGGAGE.
Hepco Becker rack/backrest. Also, T, T/3  to LeMans style Conversion
For luggage rack/back rest for Jackal & Stone click here


Use OEM luggage from the CAIII on your bike! The carefully designed embossed, scratch resistant finish is extremely durable even after lengthy use. The same GIVI bag fits the left and right sides of the bike and also the back. They are completely interchangeable. The exclusive GIVI Monokey device allows a single key to be used both to open the bags and unlock the bags from the bike. This same system also permits the case to automatically relock onto the bike without a key.

The GIVI bag is aerodynamically designed and uses a special shockproof, heat and UV resistant material that makes the system particularly strong, lightweight and waterproof. Internal elastic holding straps for better packing are a standard feature with GIVI bags.

The 38 liter bag is large enough for a helmet. The universal wing rack mounts the bags and back box to the bike. The universal hardware kit mounts the universal wing rack to the bike. The holder kit allows you to mount the back box to the luggage rack.

Steady, strong and versatile, E36 is suitable even for the most exacting itineraries. GIVI recommends the combination of two E36 as side-cases and one E45 as top-case for a total capacity of 117 ltrs.

Item No. Description Price
E36A Bag, 36 Liters, each 195.87
E38 Bag, 38 liters, each 195.95
E45A Bag, 45 liters, each 196.79
E140 Universal Wing Rack 219.95
Y127 Universal Hardware Kit   74.95
E115F Holder Kit   15.95

Harper's Luggage Rack
V7, Ambassador and Eldorado

Works only with the solo saddle and can be used with or without the Pillion Pad.
Click here for photo

Item No Description Price
061070 Black Rack 99.00
061070C Chrome Rack 119.00
1346 0542H Solo Seat 249.95
061070P Pillion Pad 139.00

Dress up your bike with these fenders
These fenders will add style while improving the looks of your bike. Easy installation with some drilling required. Since the Daytona has no rear fender the addition of one will protect the rear shock and swing arm linkage and complete the look of your bike. 

Item No. Description Price
1155500V Lario Corsa, Red, Fiberglass, Front 119.00

T, T/3 to LeMans Style Conversion Fenders
Many of you have a T or T/3 you are wanting to transform into a LeMans style bike.
These fenders are necessary, original replacements that complete that exciting look.

Item No Description Price
1446 0754 LeMans I, Red Fiberglass, Rear 343.30
2846 0751 LeMans II, Red Fiberglass, Rear 413.57

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