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Accessories for California
Air Filter
Air/Oil Temperature Sensor

Back Rest/Luggage Rack
Ball Cap
Banjo Replacement Kit
Bar Backs
Bar End Weights

Battery  Drycell 
Battery-Wet Cell
Battery Hold Down Kit
Battery Lift
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Brake Pads and Shoes
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Carb Banjo Replacement Kits
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Choke Lever
Coffee Mug
CrossOver Pipe
Cylinders Relined

Dip Stick
Dyna Electronic Products

Electronic Ignition for Ambassador and Eldorado
Electronic Ignition for 1975 & newer
Electrical (Voltage Regulator & Solenoid & Starter)
Engine Guard-Breva 1100
Exhaust Nut

Fairing Kits
Fin Fenders
Foot Board Conversion
Fork Boots
Fork Seals
Frame -Moto Guzzi Picture Frame
Forward Foot Controls
Fuel Filter

Gasket for Headlight
Gel Pads for comfort riding
Generator Bracket
Generator Cover
Grip Heaters
Givi Bags and Accessories

H Pipe
Handle Bar Risers
Handlebar Switch
Headlight Ring and Gasket-Older bikes
Headlight Gasket-T & newer
Headlight  switch
Head Guards
Highway Peg Kit

Instruction Sheets
K  and N Air Filters and Air Filter Conversions
Key Ring
Knee Guards
Knife, pocket

LaFranconi Mufflers
Lever, Choke
Low Compression Gasket Kit--Fuel Intake Parts
Luggage Rack/Back Rest
Luggage rack, Breva

Map Patches & Map Plaques
Moto Guzzi Hard Parts Information
Moto Guzzi Service Department
Moto Guzzi Picture Frame
Mufflers and Crossover pipe

Outsider-External Oil Filter Kit
Oil Filter Wrench & OEM Oil Filters
Oil Lines, SS braided

Passenger Boards
Parts Rebuilding Services
(Engine, Trans, Rear Drive, Clutch plates, Rotor, Starters,
Generator, Brake Shoes, Cylinders, etc.)
Piston Rings
Patches, Map
Patches, Moto Guzzi
Pocket Knife


Saddlebag Brackets
Screws Kit
Seals, Forks
Seats, covers, Gel pads 
Service Department
Solo seat,   pad
Speedometer Cable Inserts
Spot light kit-Newer Bikes
Spotlight Brackets-Older Bikes
Shocks-Works Performance & MDI

Switch, handlebar; HL, T/sig, etc

Tachometer Cable Inserts
T, T/3 to LeMans Conversion Fenders
Tank Bag
Temperature Sensor-Air/Oil
Timing Gear Kits, Chain Tensioners
Throttle Cable Block-Aluminum
Throttle Position Sensor
Toush Coush
Trailer Hitch
T Shirts
Turn Signals- mini stalk
Turn signals-Lucas Replicas

U-Joint Boot-Split

Valtek Mufflers
Vetter Fairing Brackets
Voltage Regulator

Works Shocks
Workshop, Parts, Owner s & other Books
Windshields and brackets
Wrench, oil filter

Hyper Lites

Not just for bikes any more...

Get Noticed! HYPER-LITE  works.
Tail light flashes when you put on the brakes.

Universal mount fits any motorcycle with a 12 volt electrical system. The LED modules mount with excellent cushioned weatherproof 2 sided tape. Mount them anywhere they can point straight back. For the few motorcycles that do not have a suitable mounting surface we offer a Universal License Plate Mounting Bracket.

We offer 2 basic kits:
Standard Universal kits have 2 modules with 8 super bright Light Emitting Diodes (LED) and a flasher control.

U32 kits come with 2 16 LED modules and  flasher.  All kits come complete  with instructions and all necessary wiring hardware.

Alll Hyper-Lite kits now come with selectable flashers. Choose between continuously flashing LED  Brake lights and the 5 second mode, which flashes the LEDS for 5 seconds then goes solid.

Dual Function: The latest innovation is the Dual Function flasher. Dual Function turns Hyper-lites into solid running lights (at a 40% reduced intensity) until the brakes are applied. The LED's then flash at their normal super bright intensity. Dual Function flashers are also selectable.

Flasher dimensions are approximately 1.5" X .5" X .5"
8 LED modules are 1 3/8" X 7/8" X 7/8"
16 LED modules are 2 1/8" X 7/8" X 7/8"

021070 Universal Kit Two 8 LED modules, flasher, hardware $59.95
021075 Universal Kit Dual Function Two 8 LED modules, flasher, hardware $75.95
021077 U32 Single Function Two 16 LED modules, flasher, hardware 75.95
U32 Dual Function Two 16 LED modules, flasher, hardware $95.95
021076 License Plate Bracket Fits all 8 1/8" or smaller license plates $ 9.50
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