Power Commander II
Increase top end performance of your 
2000-2001  V11 Sport, Quota, Jackal, Cal Special
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Race track proven technology

Built in microprocessor

Lightweight, compact and sealed for durability and reliability

Fuel curve adjustment with led display on face plate for fine tuning.

Simple installation. No wiring modifications required. OEM style connectors supplied. No permanent changes made to your stock ECU. Fully adjustable via buttons or computer with the Dynojet Control Center Software (included). Maximum results with minimum time provide: Crisper Throttle Response, increased horsepower with optimal fuel consumption.
PowerCommander II  $329.00
706-211 V11 Sport 2000/01
708-211 Jackal, Bassa, Cal Special
709-211 Quota

    Power commander II series represents a breakthrough technology for motorcycles with OEM fuel injection. Each unit is supplied with a specific map, designed to improve performance over stock. In addition, several maps for alternate tuning packages are included on CD-ROM and can be uploaded into the Power Commander II module via a PC computer. 

    The Power Commander II includes a computer link cable and Software package which allows you to fully map the fuel and ignition curves on your Windows 95/98 computer. If no computer is available, the fuel curve can be adjusted using three touch buttons on the face plate.

Lightweight Distributor Springs

1979, 1980 and 1981 SP, G5 and CX100 were imported with heavier advance springs than previous years. This consequently slowed down the advance curve. A small, helpful improvement for your machine is to replace these springs with lighter weight springs. This is an inexpensive improvement you can do easily at tune up time or when installing the Dyna III ignition.
1471 0000 Spring Kit $4.00

DynaTek Products
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Never adjust points again! Replace them with the Dyna III ignition. Increases the high rpm coil energy storage by approximately 70%!  It allows the coils to build up to maximum current, and even at high rpm's, you get a more powerful consistent charge to the plugs for top operating efficiency. The sealed aluminum module is unaffected by dirt, moisture, oil or vibration. The Dyna III ignition increases the high rpm coil energy storage by approximately 70%!  For V7 Sport, 1974 & newer 750, 850 & 1000 cc. All Moto Guzzi dual point systems.
The Dyna S is a complete self-contained electronic ignition system built with the latest
state-of-the-art engineering. This is the same ignition used by top drag and road racers
to win numerous victories and set records over the past decade. The Dyna S is
completely housed behind the ignition cover and uses a magnetic rotor with the original
spark advancer, so the factory advance curve is maintained. 

The venerable Dyna S ignition is a time proven solution to the basic ignition and trigger
needs of the modern race bike. As a stand alone ignition or as a trigger for the Dyna
4000 Pro ignition, the Dyna S is the standard of performance and reliability. Fits V500 & 650cc. Not for V50 I & II.
DS5-1  DYNA S   $164.00
Boost ignition power in your points equipped motorcycle. The unique Dyna Ignition
Booster improves performance by transforming the usual inconsistent electrical surges
into precisely controlled bursts of energy to the coil for more thorough and efficient

No more burned points; current reduced to 0.1 amp 
Module is unaffected by dirt, moisture, oil or vibration 
Ultra fast spark voltage rise time; 50% faster than points 
Extends spark plug life 
3-Year factory warranty 
Single and dual ignition models available 
DBR-1 Booster- Single Points set  $69.94
DBR-2 Booster- Dual Points Set   $99.95
These high tech, top quality coils are designed for maximum performance. They produce
spark voltages in excess of 30,000 volts and spark energies second to none. DYNA Coils are made to replace stock coils.  DYNA Coils work with point ignitions, aftermarket electronic ignitions and factory electronic ignitions. Before selecting a coil, check the coil primary resistance requirements as specified by the manufacturer of the ignition being used. Mounting bracket not available.
DC1-1 For Single Output  $155.00
DC3-1 For Dual Output    $155.00

We have the K&N Air Filters for the Sport bikes, Quota, Centuaro, Ev's!

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