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Visit a great vintage motocross web site:
Great new museum to see all the bikes- old and newer. 5 levels...awsom! They also have a new race track. 700+ acres. Worth planning a trip to Birmingham Alabama to visit.  Visit the web site for directions. Well worth your time.

Moto Guzzi North America
Need to find color matched paint for your Goose? This be the place.
Rider training classes. Qualifies for insurance discounts. They have lots of classes. All week, every week. And Evenings also!
Located in Kansas City, MO.
Rider training classes. Qualifies for insurance discounts.
Good generic information. Even though it is mainly geared to Missouri, go ahead and take a just might learn something helpful. This is a motorcycle rider education site for Missourians.
This is the national rider education site. Lots of informative stuff.
Moto Guzzi National Owners Club

Looking for a Vetter fairing? Harper's has the fairing mounting  bracket. For everything else...
Cycle Empire Dist.
414 325 8747
These folks don't have a web site or e mail so you will have to call them.

What our customers are saying about us. 

The following are unsolicited and from real customers. 
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I received goods today, excellent. Thank you. Looks good ,sounds good, great service.
(Recevied HA300 mufflers and handlebar risers.)
Kind regards
Colin Minter
Sydney ,Australia.

G'day Alice
Love the wind protection the fairing provides and have had lots of compliments on how the Guzzi now look's. Spot light's are great and are much needed for I leave for work early in the dark and there are kangaroos about (though God willing I never come into contact with one). My pillions (Passenger) enjoy the back rest and it also gives me peace of mind when my kids come riding with me (one at a time of course). The only gripe I have is when riding in the rain my visibility is reduced because of the rain drops stuck on the windshield, I guess there's pro's and con's with everything at least I'm not getting as wet with the screen. I love your web site and I'm hoping next year some time to purchase some footboards that you guys have.
Take care 
Reguards Doug
NSW, Australia

Hi Alice, Curtis and everyone at Harper!
Just wanted to send a note of thanks to you for your help and patience in getting my LeMans back on the road. During the whole process (buying thru completion)  I emailed Richard Backus from M/C Classics Magazine a few times. As a result, they published a quick profile of the bike in the Readers & Riders section. (Nov-Dec 2009 Issue)

I mentioned your shop by name out of gratitude, and hope the small bit of press will result in additional business. You certainly have mine.
Thanks again!

Alice & Curtis I wanted to say THANKS for the great service & dedication to us Guzzist nuts.  I received the Eldo rack & Wixom tour box Monday and was very pleased with the condition, it is exactly what I was looking for. 


WOW!!!!.....Shipment got here VERY fast!  Arrived on Friday….lubed and installed on Saturday!   Perfect!!!!!
I don’t know of any other place I could have ordered a clutch cable and received such Fast, Friendly, Terrific service with the Quickest shipping on the Planet!!!!

Thank you so very much!!!!!!!
Mike Stellato, AIA, LEED AP
S.A., Tx

How your actions keep giving…
I received a phone call this morning … it started out as nothing unusual until the caller identified his company and the reason for his call. His name was Chris Nolan Jr. and he is part owner of CTN Express, a trucking company based in Sebastian, FL. Chris was calling to make arrangements to pick up Jack’s bike to take it to Harper Moto Guzzi in Missouri. His Dad, also Chris was the guy who took Jack’s bike to Harper the first time around … and brought it back in perfect running order to a beaming Jack Plimpton. Now let me back up …

We have had Jack’s bike for some time now and when I spoke with Jack’s daughter she offered the bike to me but as I am not Moto Guzzi inclined, I asked if they would be willing to give the bike to someone who might be able to use it … and of course they, Dot and Jack’s daughter Chris, said yes. So I called Mike Harper of Harper Moto Guzzi and told him of the family’s wishes and asked him if he would be interested in the bike. Mike said he would not only be interested in the bike but would like to restore it, sell it and donate the proceeds minus his expenses to Jack’s favorite Charity. He went on to say that if he can’t put the bike back together again then he would part it out and donate those proceeds! Although he had never met Jack in person, the many phone conversations that he had with Jack told him what a great individual Jack was. Mike still regrets that he didn’t make a promised trip to Daytona to meet Jack in person but after I forwarded pictures of Jack and his Moto Guzzi Mike felt as if he really knew him.

Here we have a guy, a business owner, having never personally met his client willing to go the extra mile to keep a memory alive. Several phone calls back and forth between Mike and I were getting more and more disappointing as transportation of the bike became a real problem. Seems everyone along the line wanted more and more money and it was beginning to look like the project was heading to the scrap pile.

Along comes Chris Nolan… on a whim Mike called the "company" (not your normal motorcycle hauler company, they are a high end vehicle transport company that hauls for the likes of Orange County Chopper ) that originally transported Jack’s bike. Mike told Chris the story about Jack and his bike … and again an individual that had only met Jack through a business deal realized just how much of a giving person Jack was … told Mike "I’ll haul the bike up there for expenses!" Not some trumped up charge based on the cost of diesel, labor to put the bike on the trailer, and etc, no, just an honest person that had been touched by another honest person and was willing to help!

My conversation with Chris Jr. continued and he asked about Jack’s favorite charity. I told him of Jack’s involvement with the Elks Youth Camp and how much the camp meant to Jack. We talked a bit about the Youth camp and here this man … having never been involved except in a business transaction told me that he often has clothes for children left over from an unaccepted shipment, etc. that he occasionally donates (if permitted) to various organizations and if he is through this area he would be more than happy to drop off items that could be used by the camp.

Jack’s thoughtfulness and caring for his fellow man just keeps on giving even though he has passed on to another life … and I could never say enough about Mike Harper and the Nolan's … what top notch folks these guys are!!!!! Thank you Jack!

Jack left us in the Spring of 2008 doing what he loved best, riding his Moto Guzzi.

Editors Note: Always remember to "Pay it Forward". If someone does something nice for you, do something nice for someone else. But don’t wait, YOU start the ball rolling!

From Lee Ebersold

Dear Alice,
The Chrome “H” Pipe arrived yesterday afternoon, and is already fitted! Just like to thank you guys again for the great service.
Best Regards,
Greg Dunn
Cambridge NZ.

  I'd like to thank Curtis for his time and telephone help for an electrical problem.  His knowledge and patience helped to guide me to temporarily fixing the problem.
Thank you,
 Frank Cassese ('99 Bassa)
Courtyard Customs Signs&Designs

Curtis, Mike, et. al.
Thanks a million for taking care of my Bassa.  It runs stronger than I can remember, and the new tires hold the road in the twisties.  And thanks for the route advice too.  It went very smoothly.
A more than satisfied customer.
Bill Greer


Hey Mike,
The bike was delivered today in perfect beautiful condition, and the  guy was super nice and pushed it to the back of the driveway for me  since I'm still recovering.

 I started her right up and she's purring like a big kitty cat. Thanks so much, I will send you a letter and a picture as soon as I can go for a ride (maybe in a week)


Hello Mike & Curtis

This is Paul Morrison...I called the shop early on July 4, 2007 and luckily got Mike on the phone after I broke down crossing the Everglades and had just pushed my bike 2 miles in the rain to the next exit. It was a real low point and being the early morning hours of the 4 of July I thought I was really screwed. After several calls back to Mike, we figured out it was the starter relay gone bad. I was alone but didn't feel that way with being able to call you guys. I replaced the relay in Sarasota and the bike ran smooth as silk through the monsoons in Louisiana and Northern Texas and across the unbelievable heat of Arizona and the Mojave desert.  Anyways...thank you all again for your help when I really needed it. The enclosed $20.00 is for you guys to buy yourself a beer or sandwich or whatever as a small token of my gratitude.

Paul Morrison

Hi Alice 
Hope this finds you well. Many thanks for your reply, I found your site whilst looking for Guzzi dealers in the UK. I had tried  ordering speedo and tacho drive cables from two dealers here and had received different short ones each time. Amazingly your site shows cable lengths , which I had then compared measurements of the ones already fitted. I have now gotten the correct items. Thank you very much  again for your help. 
Ride safe. Tony Morris


Greetings again! J
I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent service you provided yesterday. At 5:00am yesterday morning the clutch cable on my 1989 California III broke during my daily commute to work. I checked your web-site while at work, then called without a part number and placed my order. When I arrived at home today, my clutch cable was at my door. I’m now on the road again!
Your staff was very helpful & courteous. I will recommend your business to my Guzzi riding friends here in Pensacola Florida . (There are a few of us hereJ)
Sincerely   Todd Coffin

Just Ordered a Moto Guzzi Tachometer from you, and it was a very pleasant  experience.
Thank you, Cody Bassett 
Reno, Nevada

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate doing business with a "Top Flight"  organization as yours. Of course we've been friends for a longer period of time than  most people can claim but still you and your organization have always taken the time to  answer dumb or dumber questions and put forth the extra effort to make sure all  transactions are forthright and fair. 

Please be sure to give Curtis a great big "ataboy" for all the help and assistance he has  provided. Tell him the LeMans is running GREAT, and I really enjoy riding it. The carb  problem was the slides were not opening at the same time. The throttle cables adjusting  lock nuts were loose, so over time they lost their correct adjustment due to vibration. 
Give Alice a big hug for me - she is always great to deal with over the phone when  ordering and always gets the job done so parts arrive as promised. Like I said "TOP FLIGHT"!!!

If you wish you can post this e-mail so others might see and give your firm a chance to be their "Top Flight" Moto Guzzi Dealer also.

Wally Bishop Ex "Tips", "Help-Help" editor  Fairfield, TX

   Thank you very much for putting me back on a Guzzi.  At first I was afraid I was gonna be put back on one of them Jap bikes that try and look like what they're not. One of the many reasons I love my Guzzi is because it looks like what it is, not a clone of something else.  
   You guys always treat me like a King.  I love coming up there. I wouldn't take my Guzzi anywhere else.  When I got home with my 98 EV 11, everyone wanted to know if I gave it a good test ride.  I said it wasn't came from Harper's. It runs great and is a dream in the corners.  I really am proud of it.  Thanks again for working with me. 
A very satisfied customer. 
E. Nash      Arkansas

I am very pleased with the soft saddlebag brackets I bought from you a couple of weeks ago - they were tricky to install (since I wanted my bag yoke under the seat), but they're working out great!
M.  Gerson

Last week I ordered some hi-way pegs for my bike and just two days latter I had them, thanks for the quick service.
Dave Lowery

   I just found your web site and thought it would be a good time to tell you about the stainless mufflers I purchased from you. I have owned my 1971 Ambassador for 31 years now and the original mufflers were getting pretty knackered. Since it has been over a year since I installed the mufflers you can probably tell that this is not a complaint letter. 
   In fact I was pleasantly surprised that the mufflers replicated the Moto Guzzi original equipment quite nicely. The stainless mufflers were closer to original than the chromed mufflers now available from Moto Guzzi as theirs are for an Eldorado with the smaller exhaust exit hole.
   Your stainless mufflers mounted to the bike and fit to the head pipes without trouble. The finish on the mufflers was perfectly polished and had no scratches or flaws of any kind. Even after a year the mufflers still jump to my attention when I look at my Ambassador. 
   Thank you for providing a good product that lived up to my expectations. The price was money well spent.

Best regards and good riding to you,   Jerry Heil    Hannigan Fairing Co.

   The order arrived today. The spot light brackets look good, fit perfect, there is enough existing factory wiring to mount the turn signals and they allow me to raise the Rifle Classic Shield to where it should be. 
   If any one wants info about these brackets do not hesitate to forward there questions to me.   You should also inform Rifle that their Classic Shield needs your brackets to make the installation easy and adjustable. Thank-you for a fine product and your help.
Pat Manning    2001 Jackal

To Mike and all concerned,

                                Mike, I want to thank you for making the buying experience of a new motorcycle effortless and comfortable. You and you're staff put me at ease, tied up all the loose ends associated with a long distance purchase and delivered the goods. When I picked up my new bike in New Jersey I was blown away. What a gorgeous work of rolling art. I wasn't sure I was going to like the Givi fairing but it makes the machine look even better. Good wind protection too. Again, I thank you very much for you're professionalism. I plan on doing business with Harper's in the future.   Sincerely, Mark Bushika

Dear Michael  Please give my thanks to Dave, your mechanic, for walking me through the process of "Exciting the Dynamo" on my 1971 Ambassador. Dave took the time to review the way the wires should be hooked up to the Lucas regulator. Then he explained that he wasn't sure which connections to make to excite the dynamo, and would check it out and call me back the next day. He called me back five minutes later with the correct instructions. The results were excellent. This was the last project between me and a ride longer than just around the block.
I have never encountered a bike dealership that was willing to take the time to give tec assistance to a parts customer. Thanks so much for helping me. Sincerely Andy Damato.

   I had first purchased a 73 Eldo that Harper's had on consignment. After about a week, it started dying when very hot... the problem became apparent only after a long, slow ride in 100 degree temps around downtown Kansas City. They took it back in and tore it down to find the subtle problems in the con rods and bearings that was causing a partial seize at temperature. 
   Even though I had purchased the bike "as is" with no warranty (like any consignment deal), and had known them personally only for the couple of weeks I had been shopping for an Eldo, they stood behind it 100%. They took it back, found me the '75, and fixed it up exactly how I wanted it. Mike Harper himself, the founder of Harper's back in 1970, spent a weekend re-wiring the bike so we could get it quicker (they have a VERY busy shop). Now THAT is service! I consider myself very lucky to live within about a half-hour of such a great shop and great people:
Ron in Kansas City      75 Eldo LAPD

   I would like to say Thank You to Alice for making the extra effort on Friday in making sure my order got out at such a late hour. I received my cable this afternoon and was able to go for a ride because of her efforts. She is a credit to your company. She has also made a new customer feel like he was one of her most important ones.
Thank you so much 
Ralph Guillette

 Mike: I just want to say thanks to your service department for offering the cheapest, easiest and oddest solution for fixing my Guzzi. I had problems with the starter on my 850T. The solenoid was working, but the starter motor wasn't turning. After a 30 second phone call your service department they suggested whacking the side of the starter motor with a rubber mallet to loosen particles that gum up the motor. Needless to say I was a little stunned, but tried it anyway. Whatta you know, it worked like a charm. 
Now I'm just trying to figure out how I'm gonna get that big ol' mallet in my emergency roadside kit???

Thanks, Russ Frantz    Illinois   

Harper's: Sorry the Au  motorcycle collection will not be part of your open house this year.
Having too fun much with them in Hawaii. Thanks for the help in the acquiring and shipping of them to Hawaii. The last four bikes have completed my collection for the time being. I have enjoyed the help and service that your dealership has given me. I always recommend your
parts, service and sales whenever questioned about Moto-Guzzis. 

Aloha!!! from the big island of Hawaii. Tom Au

My dad gave me my first Guzzi in 1972 for my 16th birthday. It was a 1968 V700. It was the best thing he had ever done for me and it changed my life forever. He got himself a full dress '72 Ambassador. The first time in my life I can remember having anything in common with the 0ld man. We did many miles together, mostly in Arizona and California. He was never one to dilly dally and 600+ days were common for us. I have since learned to take my time and enjoy the road.
   Over the years I have been all over the world and owned several Harley's. In 1998 I came back form Saudi and got a Moto Guzzi Bassa. I must be real dense in the head; it took me 10 years to remember the best ride in the world!
   Thank you for your dedication to the brand and to the brotherhood of individuals who keep it alive. Thank you, Robert Helms. Conroe, TX.

Harper's  Thank you for the prompt response and great service I look forward to doing more business with your company in the future and will recommend Harper's to anyone interested.
    That's how I heard of Harpers, from a Moto Guzzi rider, so you are doing it right and we as riders, appreciate it.
Regards,  Buddy Walters

Dear Moto Guzzi Family I wish to thank you for a well filled order. All parts were shipped and fit, as stated. A pleasure to do business with you!   Andy Haslam, Portland, ME.

    Hi, Harper's! I would like to compliment Jason Harper, your service manager, on a job well done. I brought my SP III over from Leavenworth, Ks.,  and not only did Jason do a superb job syncing my carbs, but took the time to look at something small, but quite significant...little metal particles on the ignition magnetic pickup. I know that I am in good hands when I take it to Jason.    Cordially, Rich Clapsaddle.

   Harper's  I just had to let you know how enjoyable it was to place an accessory order with Denise today. Moto Guzzi accessories aren't usually easy items to deal with but she took the time to verify prices, stock and part numbers. Her kind and professional manner made the whole process a pleasant one. Thanks for being there to take care of us Moto Guzzi fans and especially for doing it the way you do. Sincerely, Mark Pintar.

Hello, Harper Moto Guzzi! 
    This photo is of the bike you helped me to restore last winter. Your help was so valuable to me. I don't know where else I could have gotten so many parts and could have harvested the wealth of information I needed to complete this project. 
    The bike belonged to my wife's uncle and was left to me from his estate. Although it was in extremely poor  condition, and a lot of the vitals were either broken or missing, I just had to restore it.


Letter of Appreciation to Curtis  and Harper Staff
Thank you for being there when I needed you. The help you gave me on my 1973 850 Eldorado to get it restored. The fast service on getting parts to me. The willingness to give me advice. This  is all greatly appreciated. I have enclosed a picture of my Moto Guzzi and Eagle Side Car.

Thank you, again.  Dave Pickrell,  Evansville, In.





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