Rear Drive Additive and Synthetic Gear Lub.

'Guard  Dog' Moly
Molybdenum  Disulfide Gear Oil Additive  for the Rear Drive
Better known at SLA 1261 Moly Additive.

                                         Add years to your bike!        
Beginning with the Eldorado 850, Moto Guzzi specifies that 20cc of Molybdenum Disulfide be added to the Rear Drive gear oil. Many owners are unaware of this requirement or have given up on Moly because it is so difficult to obtain. Harper's carries a super-high quality, ultra-fine Moly additive that blends with all petroleum based gear oils and all synthetics. Unlike other moly dispersions, our additive does not allow the emulsification of water into gear oil. 

     SLA 1261 'Guard  Dog' Moly substantially reduces friction and improves the extreme pressure, load  carrying and anti-wear capabilities of gear oils. It helps prevent metal-to-metal contact and surface scuffing and provides reliable lubrication in boundary conditions. SLA 1261'Guard  Dog' performs well at high and low operating temperatures.

The following are some of the advantages of using SLA 1261 'Moly' in your Moto Guzzi.

Greater energy efficiency Reduced gear wear
Reduced gear noise levels Reduced start-up torque
Reduced new gear break-in time Lower gear oil operating temperatures
Protection during intermittent, heavy load conditions
Item No.  Description Price
1261 Moly additive, 3 0z. 7.95

Red Line Heavy Duty Shock Proof 
Synthetic Gear Oil  
75/90 multi-viscosity 
Get more life from your bike!

High-Performance Gear Lubricant Greatest extreme-pressure protection
Completely resists throw-off Reduces temperatures dramatically
Reduces gear noise Lowest coefficient of friction available
Reduces metal-to-metal contact Provides thicker oil films between gear teeth
Low fluid friction improves power transfer Compatible with petroleum's and synthetics
Provides gear teeth shock loading protection

 Red Line  ShockProof Gear Oil provides unequalled protection for high-performance differentials and transmission which are heavily loaded or which see shock-loading. This revolutionary lubricant is completely different from conventional lubricant technology in several ways. The viscosity characteristics are significantly improved. 

Gear teeth need high viscosity at high temperatures to prevent metal-to-metal contact and a low viscosity when cold to reduce fluid friction. The Shock Proof chemistry significantly reduces the thinning effect of high temperatures, and can be rated as a  75W250 Gear Oil, which provides three times the viscosity in thin layers between the gear teeth, but has the lower internal fluid friction of an SAE 75W90, means very little power loss for the protection achieved. 

Red Line ShockProof Gear Oil has a 40% lower coefficient of friction and 250% of the load-carrying capacity compared to conventional gear oils, which means that metal-to-metal friction is greatly reduced providing much less wear and tear on your engine. Temperature reductions between 25 degrees-75 degrees are common in circle track, road racing, and off-road racing. 

Red Line ShockProof Oil is designed for use in competition differentials and transmissions. It can also be used in conventional, limited slip or locker differentials. 

Item No.


Description Price
1271 SAE 75W250 Red Line Oil 19.38 qt.

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