Carbon Fiber, Stainless Steel, LaFranconi, Mistral and Valtek Mufflers.
Exhaust Nut, Cross Over Pipe and Muffler Tips.

Beautiful Mistral Competition Mufflers

These are louder than stock with less restriction. 
All that and they are stainless, too!
Fits the 2008, 09, 10 V7 Classic

2000112     Mufflers      $599.00 pr

New!  Valtek Mufflers for Moto Guzzi California Models 
From 1989 through Current Models

Valtek Products, suppliers of fine accessories for Moto Guzzi motorcycles announces the arrival of the HA300 Mufflers for all California models from 1989 thru all current models except the Jackal. 
(Foot peg mounts are in a different location on the Jackal.) 

Made in the USA from highly polished 304 stainless steel .049 thick. A direct bolt on to all models utilizing the aluminum foot peg bracket. 

HA300      Valtek Mufflers     $395.00pr


Valtek mufflers for other models
Same great quality as the HA300

Close up view of the Valtek Muffler
Triple chrome plated. Repackable. 3" diameter. direct bolt drilling. Very nice tone, slightly louder than stock.
Part No. Description Price
HA100 850T, T/3, G5, Convert
Cal II, Millie, Jackal, SP1000 w/out upswept pipe
 & others.
Attaches to the crossover pipe.
$375.00 pr
HA200 V700, Ambassador,  Eldorado
Eliminates the crossover pipe.
$375.00 pr
HA300 1989 -2004 California 1100 Series,
except for  the Jackal.
Attaches to the crossover pipe.
(See photos at top of page)
$395.00 pr
    New! V11 Sport, Tenni and Scura Mufflers
Available now from Harper's. 
Direct bolt-on application for your new V11 Sport, Tenni or Scura.  

8 pounds lighter than stock mufflers! Save $$$ over Moto Guzzi supplied mufflers. Oval design in highly polished aluminum or carbon fiber. Really Sharp!

MG9112  Aluminum  $695.00                MG9114 Carbon Fiber  $905.00


Stainless Steel
Moto Guzzi Header Pipes

1212 0900 Polished Stainless Steel RH Header Pipe  $ 109.00 ea.
1212 0905 Polished Stainless Steel LH Header Pipe  $ 109.00 ea.
Dunstall Replica Muffler
Emgo Roadhawk 840 Series. Similar to the early Dunstall Power muffler. Comes complete with inlet clamp, adapters and sliding mounting bracket. Chrome finish. Quality construction throughout. Muffler fits either right or left side and is louder than stock. Spacer Kit required. 1 spacer kit per pair of mufflers.
8084050 Wide outlet 27 1/4" long $89.95 each
8047310 Spacer Kit $ 9.50


Exhaust Nut for V700,
V7 Sport, Ambassador, Eldorado

This is a cadmium plated, two piece steel exhaust nut which uses a lock ring to stop vibration damage. Using these exhaust nuts will not only reduce the chance of damage to the heads but they cost less than the originals, too!
Exhaust  Thread Repair Sleeve
Fix stripped exhaust threads in the cylinder heads with our sleeve then use our 2 piece exhaust  nut (above) to prevent future problems. *Sleeve requires installation by qualified machine shop.

Item No. Description Price
12120200A 2 piece Exhaust Nut $45.96
12120200 Stock Replacement $58.45
9071 8375 Exhaust Gasket $  3.95
1212 0200S *Sleeve $60.00

Harper's Cross Over Pipe

Item No. Description   Price
1712 3950

Stainless Steel
1712 3950S
 Fits: T/3, G5, Convert, Jackal


x over 17123950.jpg (63451 bytes) $   89.55


$  149.50


Stainless Steel
1712 3962S
Fits All T's, Cal 1100, Millie GT, SP II & III, T/5, Ev 1100, Convert, T's, 1100's and all others w/large collector that denies access to drain plug, including Cal Special sport. Not for LeMans 1000, V11 Sport. xover 17133962.jpg (71463 bytes) $ 179.56

$ 176.22

Stainless Steel
Fits: 1100 California Series, Jackal, Stone, California Special $179.28

LaFranconi Performance Mufflers 

Slightly louder than stock. Beautifully chromed. Very nice.
Silenziator Lafranconi Competizione imprinted on side of each muffler.

Who could possibly make a performance exhaust system for your Moto Guzzi better than the people that made the original? Now available from Harper's! The complete line of LaFranconi muffler systems. Available for the LeMans I, II, III and LeMans 1000, as well as the 1000S are competizione mufflers in the original castings. This allows you to update the performance of your bike without changing the lines created by the factory. 
Also available are canister style mufflers that have come to be very popular. This is the same style used on the Daytone1000. Available in chrome or black with competition baffles and the LaFranconi whizzer cone in the rear. They are as appealing to the eye as well as the ear.
Although we don't have data from the factory on actual horsepower differences, we can tell you that there is quite an increase. All our personal use machines now have these systems installed on them in our shop.

1142600S/D V7 Sport Performance  $550.00 pr
1142800S/D Monza $430.88 pr
1144900S/D LeMans I, II, CX    Black Only $550.00 pr
1145800S/D SP, T/5, Cal II Performance $550.00 pr
1146000S/D T/3, G5 Original $550.00 pr
1146200S/D Ambassador, Eldorado Original $550.00 pr
1146500 California 1100 1996 on $550.00 pr