New Outsider Kit New Outsider mounted on bike
For bikes 1998 and newer

External Oil Filter Kit
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We have improved an old favorite. Just when you thought it couldn't get any better...

 With the internal oil filter there is always that chance that the filter could come loose and cause expensive internal damage. Not with the Outsider. The filter is outside the pan where you can monitor it anytime. We have added an oil filter protector to the new style Outsider, The Wedge. It attaches to the oil pan bolts and sets under the oil filter. No need to change your cross over to install the Outsider, we made the Outsider thinner!

    Frequent oil changes are a must for prolonged engine life. The Outsider makes changing your oil filter easy. Just spin off the old and spin on the new filter. No more dropping the messy oil pan just to get at the filter.

    All metal construction-no internal rubber lines. Simple installation. Complete kit includes: The Outsider, easy to understand instructions, a stock oil filter and two pan gaskets. All necessary hardware. 

    Note: Fits only models with internal oil filters. Easy installation. Will not work on the Daytona,  Centauro or  spine frame Sport models. Fits 1998 and newer 1100 California series. EV, California Special, Special Sport, Bassa, Jackal, Stone and Quota.  Comes with all necessary hardware, pan gasket, oil filter and instruction sheet. Made in USA.
Save: Order the E-Z Pull dip stick for $49.95 when purchasing the Outsider and Save $10.00!

Original Outsider--Redesigned 
For bikes prior to 1998 with internal oil filter

Newly redesigned for better fit and clearance. The Outsider now has all the oil passages machined into the plate during the manufacturing process. Only 15mm thick, all worries of losing ground clearance have been eliminated.
We all know that maintenance is the key to the longevity of an engine, so make it easy on yourself to change the oil and filter. No more crawling around for an hour with 18 bolts, two gaskets and a dog who wants to play cause your down on his turf. Get back to riding. Get the Outsider! Applications for all big block, internal filter bikes except Spine framed sport models.
Easy bolt on application-no drilling. Comes complete with all necessary hardware, gaskets, 1 oil filter and instruction sheet.
Save: Order the E-Z Pull dip stick for $49.95 when purchasing the Outsider and Save $10.00!
SEE FAQ's for what NOT to do when installing your Outsider. click here
 NOTE: Fits only models with internal oil filters. Easy installation. Will not work on the Daytona,  Centauro or spine frame Sport models. 
Item No. Description Price
06 2065 New style Outsider Kit for bikes 1998 and newer  $369.87
062066 Original Outsider Kit for bikes prior to 1998  $329.95
1415 3000 Stock Replacement Oil Filter for Outsider.  Price reduction!  $   9.49
01 1029
01 0129A
E-Z Pull Dip Stick-Short
(with Outsider purchase)
 $ 59.95
 $ 49.95
01 1030
01 1030A
E-Z Pull Dip Stick-Long
(with Outsider purchase)
 $ 59.95
 $ 49.95
01 1031
01 1031A
E-Z Pull Dip Stick-EX Long (V11 Sport)
(with Outsider purchase)
 $ 59.95
 $ 49.95
Dip sticks for above part numbers.  

Oil Filter Wrench.  Fits oil filter part # 3015 3000 and 1415 3000.

For a larger photo of the wrench click here

 $   9.89
OEM Oil Filters
We do not sell aftermarket oil filters. The engine oil pressure in your Guzzi, on a cold start-up, can be high enough  that some aftermarket filters cannot withstand it. An inferior oil filter could come apart and you could not get your bike turned off fast enough.  It could destroy your engine.  Is saving a few $ on a filter really worth it?

1. 1415 3000 Fits: All big block 850/1000 Guzzi's & replacement filter for Outsider.

2. 3015 3000 Fits: All 1100cc & Daytona RS Guzzi's

3. 1915 3000 Fits: All 500 & 650 Guzzi's
NOTE: Outsider will not work on 500 & 650's

4. (Not Shown) 
     2715 3085 Fits: Breva 750, Nevada 350 & 750,  Strada 750 & Florida 650, Targa, SP 750






$  9.49


$ 10.90


$ 13.63

75/90 multi-viscosity
Red Line Heavy Duty ShockProof 
Synthetic Gear Oil
Click Here  
See FAQ's for answers to questions about oil weights and type.

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