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Accessories for California
Air Filter
Air/Oil Temperature Sensor
Alternator Removal Tool
Alternator Rotor

Back Rest/Luggage Rack
Ball Cap
Banjo Replacement Kit
Bar Backs
Bar End Weights
Battery  Drycell 
Battery Hold Down Kit
Billet Aluminum Accessories
Books-Workshop, Parts, Owners
Boot, Split
Bolt-On Accessories from Harper's
Bolt-On Accessories-Other
Bolts & caps
Brake Bleeding System
Brake Lever
Brake Pads and Shoes
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Cable Inserts
Carb items
Carb Banjo Replacement Kits
Center Stand Breva
Chain Tensioner
Choke Lever
Coffee Mug
CrossOver Pipe
Cylinders Relined

Dip Stick
Dog Leg Levers
Dyna Electronic Products 

Electronic Ignition for Ambassador and Eldorado
Electronic Ignition for 1975 & newer
Electrical Bolt-on Parts
Electrical Voltage Regulator,  Solenoid & Starter
Engine Guard-Breva 1100
Exhaust Nut

Fairing Kits
Fairing, Classic
Fin Fenders
Foot Board Conversion
Fork Boots
Fork Seals
Forward Foot Controls
Fuel Filter
Fuel Related Parts
Fuel Tap -Internal Gasket

Gasket for Headlight
Gasket for Gas Cap
Gel Pads for comfort riding
Generator Bracket
Generator Cover
Grip Heaters
Givi Bags and Accessories

H&H Fairing
Handlebar Fairings & Windshields
Handle Bar Risers
Handlebar Switch
Handlebar Weights
Headlight Ring and Gasket-Older bikes
Headlight Gasket-T & newer
Headlight  switch
Head Guards
Hepco Becker Luggage Rack/Backrest
Highway Peg Kit
H Pipe
Hyperlite - Flashing Tail Light

Instruction Sheets

K  & N Air Filters & Air Filter Conversions
Key Ring
Knee Guards
Knife, pocket

LaFranconi Mufflers
Lever, Choke
Lever, Dog Leg
Low Comp Gasket Kit--Fuel Intake Parts
Luggage Rack/Back Rest
Luggage rack, Breva
Luggage Rack, V7, Amb, Eldo
Luggage Rack, T, T/3, G5, Convert, SP

Map Patches & Map Plaques
Moto Guzzi Hard Parts Information
Moto Guzzi Service Department
Moto Guzzi Picture Frame
Mufflers and Crossover pipe
Mufflers, LaFranconi

Oil Cooler Bracket
Oil Filter Wrench & OEM Oil Filters
Oil Lines, SS braided
Outsider-External Oil Filter Kit

Passenger Boards
Parts Rebuilding Services: Engine, Trans, 
Rear Drive, Clutch plates, Rotor, Starters,
Generator, Brake Shoes, Cylinders, etc.
Petcock-Internal Gasket
Piston Rings
Patches, Map
Patches, Moto Guzzi
Pocket Knife

Quota Windshield

Relay 4 or 5 pin
Rotor, Alternator

Saddlebag Brackets
Saddlebags, leather
Saddlebag liner
Safety Vest
Seals, Forks
Seats, covers, Gel pads 
Service Department
Shift Lever
Shocks-Works Performance
Solo seat,   pad
Speedometer Cable Inserts
Spark Plug Cap
Spark Plug Wire
Split Boot for the U-Joint
Spot light kit-Newer Bikes
Spotlight Brackets-Older Bikes
Switch, handlebar; HL, T/sig, etc

Tachometer Cable Inserts
Tank Bag
T, T/3 to LeMans Conversion Fenders
Temperature Sensor-Air/Oil
Timing Gear Kits, Chain Tensioner
Throttle Cable Block-Aluminum
Throttle Position Sensor
Toush Coush
T Shirts
Turn Signals- mini stalk
Turn signals-Lucas Replicas

U-Joint Boot-Split

Valtek Mufflers
Vest, Inflatable Safety 
Vetter Fairing Brackets
Voltage Regulator

Works Shocks
Workshop, Parts, Owners & other Books
Windshields and brackets
Windshields, universal mount
Wrench, oil filter

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Parts Rebuilding Services
Nikasil Electroplating 
Now Available from Harper's!
Click here

Engine, Transmission and 
Rear Drive Rebuilds

We strive to provide the highest quality at the lowest possible cost when rebuilding any part of your Moto Guzzi. We feel that our customers satisfaction is more important than a "Quick Buck". We offer good, common sense advise and straight talk about Guzzi repairs. From minor repairs to complete restorations, our service is always the best.

Big Bore Kits
These kits increase the torque, not the speed. They make pulling a trailer or side car much easier. Available for Eldorado, T, T/3 and LM I. Call us for more details. In the USA and 
parts of  Canada call 1-800-752-9735. Outside the USA call 1-816-697-3411. NOTE: Each kit is done as ordered. Please allow 3-4 weeks.

Starter and Generator Rebuilding
When your starter or generator goes on the fritz it can be an expensive experience if you don't know where to go. Our people are specialists in Bosch and Magnetti Marelli repairs and rebuilds.

Quality repairs at the lowest possible cost is our objective. Usually a starter or generator can be repaired inexpensively if the armature or field coils are not burnt or the item has not been damaged by external forces.

Repair costs vary from unit to unit, but generally if the repair costs exceed $150.00, we will stop and contact you for authorization to proceed. This amount is usually the most charged unless the armature, field coils or solenoid have to be replaced.

The new Valeo starter will work on the Eldorado and all Bosh systems. Will not work on Marelli systems. New Valeo starter without exchange is $295.00. Freight will be added at time of shipment.

Nikasil Electroplating 
Now Available from Harper's!
Better than Relining.

Moisture will collect under the chrome inside the cylinder on a Moto Guzzi that has set for a long period of time. this will cause the chrome on the cylinder to blister and peel.
Why have your cylinders Nikasiled? You get much better results than with the steel sleeves. Nikasil dissipates heat much more efficiently than steel. The cylinder walls are treated with the special Nikasil electroplating. Nikasil coated cylinders have a hardend surface that cannot peel and is more wear resistant than the steel sleeves.

Although the Nikasil process is expensive, the resulting increase in the cylinders life span, performance and reliability more than offset the cost.

We will bore the cylinders to fit your pistons or to new pistons.
Note: This process uses the same rings and pistons as OEM cylinders. No special parts needed.  Turn around time about 14 to 21 days. 

Item  No. Description Price
NIK Electroplate your cyls $409.90  pr. 

Aftermarket Piston Rings are just as good as OEM for Less Money!

Item No. Description  Price
MC-108 V65SP, V65C $ 130.00 pr
MC-121 Ambassador $ 130.00 pr
MC-125 Eldorado $ 130.00 pr
MC-128 Convert, G5,SP, CX, CAL II & III  $130.00 pr
MC-130 V65, V65 Lario $ 130.00 pr
MC-131 V50, V50 III $ 130.00 pr
MC132 T, T/3 $130.00 pr
MC-132-1 LeMans I & II  $130.00 pr
MC-151 V7 Sport $ 130.00 pr
MC-152 V700 $ 130.00 pr
MC-190 All 1100 Moto Guzzi's $130.00 pr
Testimonial: I would like to compliment Jason, your service manager, on a job well done. I brought my SP III over from Leavenworth and not only did Jason do a superb job syncing my carbs, but took the time to look at something small, but quite significant...little metal particles on the ignition magnetic pickup. I know that I am in good hands when I take it to Jason.   Cordially, Rich Clapsaddle.

NOTICE: Although we try to make our site as accurate as possible, mistakes do occur. Therefore, we are not responsible for typographical errors. Prices are subject to change without notice.