Seats, Seat Covers, Gel Seat Pads, Seat Hooks
and Chrome Trailer Hitch

Harper's New Solo Seat 
for the California's
Low seat pictured on an EV. Measures 29" 
from ground to center of seat.
Tall seat pictured on an Aluminum.. Measures 31" 
from ground to center of seat.
Announcing the first in our new line of solo touring seats for the California models.

The stock seat has a pressure point at the center of the seat, making it very uncomfortable. The new Harper’s seat is designed to redistribute the pressure to the outer hip area for a much more comfortable ride, adding many more pleasurable miles to your day's ride. Same great quality as our Eldorado and T/3 solo saddles. 
Two seat heights: A lower seat height to accommodate the short riders and a taller version to give the taller riders a more comfortable seating position.

Special Sport, Aluminum, Titanium, Stone and EV models.

Jackal Owners: You will need to send us your seat and we will put the solo seat pad on your pan. We will not be making the Jackal seat pan. Tell us which you want: Low Seat or Tall Seat.
We believe that you will agree that we may well be close to seeing the end of the "Monkey Butt Syndrome" with our new Guzzi seat design.
The seat is available with a pillion pad as an option.
NOTE: Not for bikes with the large computer directly under the seat.

Part No. Type Fits Price
011010 Low Seat Stone $ 375.00
011011 Tall Seat Stone $ 395.00
011012 Low Seat 2000 & newer Bassa, Special, Special Sport, Aluminum, Titanium, EV $ 375.00
011013 Tall Seat 2000 & newer Bassa, Special, Special Sport, Aluminum, Titanium, EV $395.00
011014 Pillion Pad Fits all of the above $129.00
011015 Pad/Cover  Jackal - Low or Tall Seat $295.00

Solo Seat, Luggage Rack, Pillion Pad for 
V700, Ambassador,

Solo Seat
Our Solo Seat is a replica of the original Eldorado LAPD solo seat with a tough fiberglass pan. Moto Guzzi is silk screened on the back just like the original. Our new luggage rack will complement your solo seat. (Will not work with dual seat.) It's made of strong tubular steel. Excellent quality. Color: Black. Platform size: 8 1/2X11".
 Luggage Rack bolts directly to frame and the pillion pad bolts directly to the luggage rack. 

1346 0542H Solo Seat, V700, Amb, Eldo $297.00
06 1070 Black LAPD style Luggage Rack 
V700, Amb, Eldo
06 1070P Pillion Pad V700, Amb, Eldo $169.00

Pillion Pads
Pillion Pad fits very nicely on the luggage rack should you desire a place for a passenger instead of  just a rack. 

Pt #: 06 1070P Pillion Pad V700, Amb, Eldo   06 2070P Pillion Pad T, T/3, G5, Convert, SP 
Size: 9X12X2". Black w/ white lettering  $169.00   Size: 9X12X2". Black w/ white lettering. Basket weave design.                                                       $169.00

Solo Seat for the T, T/3, G5, Convert & SP!

Solo Seat & Rack installed on a 1977 T/3

Made in the USA to Harper's Specs. Fiberglass pan is very crack resistant and obviously impervious to rust 
unlike original Moto Guzzi products. A very comfortable medium density foam with seating area covered with 
vinyl "basketweave" material. Moto Guzzi logo silk screened on the back. 

  Item No. Description for  Solo Seats, Racks & Pillions. Price
  1346 0543H Solo Seat, All Tonti Frames
T, T/3, G5, Convert, SP
  06 2070 Black Luggage Rack T, T/3, G5, Convert, SP,  $105.00
  06 2070P Pillion Pad T, T/3, G5, Convert, SP $169.00

Ambassador, Eldorado & V700 Seat Cover
Exclusive! Not available anywhere else! You asked and we responded... 
The pattern is made from the original seat cover. No stitching or ridges across the top of the seat. Moto Guzzi is silk screened on the back just like the original. Made exclusively for us by a local craftsman. Excellent quality. 
The Stencil Swatch is cut oversize for many upholstering uses. Black vinyl swatch with Moto Guzzi silk screened in the center.

  Item No. Description Price
  061069 Dual Seat Cover $94..00
  061069S Stencil Swatch $25.00

Ask about our seat recovering service!

Ultra Ride Saddle GEL Pad

                                          Welcome to the Comfort Zone
The Gel Pad prevents butt soreness. It also absorbs shock, pressures and vibrations while providing minimum protection from pain and bruising. The gel pad never bunches up or breaks down. Great for those long rides. The cover is made with Sales antibacterial fiber. Most Gel Pads are special order. Allow about 10-14 days. For more detail click here

Testimonial: I just had to let you know how enjoyable it was to place an accessory order with Denise today. Moto Guzzi accessories aren't usually easy items to deal with but she took the time to verify prices, stock and part numbers. Her kind and professional manner made the whole process a pleasant one. 

Thanks for being there to take care of us Moto Guzzi fans and especially for doing it the way you do. Sincerely, Mark Pintar.

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