Saftey Vest

 Unobtrusive vest is easy to use, inflates almost instantly and can be worn under a variety of outer garments.  The mechanical triggering system and CO2 inflation cartridges are also easy to use.  Each trigger has a lanyard, which is attached to the motorcycle via a small harness.  The lanyards must be connected to the harness before each ride.  The rider must remember to remove the lanyards from the harness before leaving the bike, or risk unintended inflation. 

One only in stock. 
Close out. 
Size: XXL

On Sale! 
Save 200.00!

Final reduction! 

Pt # Item Was Sale
103 Vest 299.99 100.00

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50% Off Sale!

Ridged Leather Saddlebags

Excellent quality, economically price.  Leather saddlebags with studs and conchos and styles without metal trim. Easy throw-over style or use our soft saddlebag brackets below.  

Made from extra heavy duty, 6-7 oz. solid cowhide leather. Classic Buckle-Strap Saddle Bag. Saddle Bag Sets (2 bags in each set). You cant' beat this classic look!
All have a Belted strap closing. 
Only one of each left!

Part # Description W-H-D Price Sale!
109200 Large, 3 conchos, 3 buckle, studs 20x12x5  $ 249.95 Sold!
109201 Slant, 2 concho, 2 buckle, studs 14x11x5  $ 189.95 $94.97
109203 Slant, 2 conchos, 2 buckle, no studs 14x12x5  $ 179.95 Sold!
109204 Studs, 2 buckle tool bag 12X41.5  $   49.95   24.97
We gotta move 'em!
Stone Washed Tee's From Moto Guzzi 
Embossed logo on the front. Plain back. Made in USA. 100% Cotton.
Shorts. Relax Time!
Made from same material as our T's 
Very comfortable. 
They gotta go!
Pt No Item Size Color Was Sale
1050 9700 Tee Sm Green 27.95 19.99
1050 9740 Tee 2X Green 28.95 19.99
04 1100 Shorts Sm Grey 16.95 9.95
04 1101 Shorts M Grey 16.95 9.95
04 1104 Shorts 2X Grey 16.95 9.95
Moto Guzzi Oval Logo 
Child's Med only = size 10-12

Tee shirt Colors: Red or White 
Heavy Duty, Preshrunk Cotton


Pt. No. Color Size Was Sale!
1050 9050 Red Child's Med $14.95 $10.00
1050 9060 White Child's Med $14.95 $10.00

Clearance on our Polo's!

Sorry, no red or white left. 

Pt. No. Color Size Type Was Sale!
1020 110 Black one only! Small Short Sleeve 29.95 17.95

CLEARANCE! Tarozzi Clip Ons are an adjustable clip on style handle bar.  Attractive chrome bar with sliver anodized clamps that are adjustable. We only have a few left so hurry and get yours now before they are gone forever.

Tarozzi Clip-On Handlebars  
We only have a few left!
Sale $179.00 each pr.
Pt. No. Fits Forks Rise Qty 
In Stock 
550019 38mm Std 3
550021 42mm Std 1
560013 32mm 2" 2
560016 35mm 2" 2
560019 38mm 2" 1
560021 40mm 2" 1*
590010 27mm 2" 2
590023 42mm 2" 2
* 560021 has gold anodized clamps.

Tarozzi Fork Braces
Help! We are running out of room  so we decided to put the Fork Braces on clearance. We only have a few left so hurry and get yours.

Pt. No. Fits Rtl Sale
280013 Unknown 99.98 79.95
280016 LM 1000 99.98 79.95
280017 California's 99.98 79.95
*End of Clearance.*
Items below are not on clearance. 
Your choice 12 oz or 15 oz
Moto Guzzi Coffee Cup

In white with dark green handle and rim. 
Red Guzzi Logo on both sides. Perfect for
gift giving to the Moto Guzzi aficionado
on your list  or... maybe yourself.

Pt. No. Item Price
011002 White/Green Coffee Cup 12 oz $9.45
011001 White/Green Coffee Cup 15 oz $9.95


Red Vinyl Key Ring
Won't scratch your gas tank! 
Available now for the holidays.

After a long search we have
finally found a high quality
key tag that both looks and
performs well.   

Pt. No. Item Price
781002 2 7/8 x 1"  $1.95


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