(Including Vetter Fairing Brackets)
Also see Bolt on accessories
For more shield choices click here

V700, Ambassador and Eldorado Headlight Rim Replacement and Gasket.  
In Stock Now! Made to OEM specs. Excellent chrome

Parabellum Windshield
The Quiet One

Is the stock Quota shield to small? Try the Parabellum windshield for your Quota.
Quiet Ride. No more wind buffeting your helmet.

Wind/bug  protection.
Size: Top of HL to top of shield; 22 1/4". W21".
Makes for a really nice ride. Mounts over existing fairing.
QST001 Clear $259.00         QST002 Tint $269.00

We Bit the Bullet!

This H.L. rim and gasket have been unavailable
for several years and you told us you needed
them so we took the initiative and had them made.

12740321A Headlight Rim   $39.95
1274 0420A HL Gasket (not shown) $7.74
For T, T/3, LeMans I, G5 & Convert  Gasket click here

wpe10.jpg (14159 bytes)


ClearView Replacement Windshields
Windshield not large enough? Try ClearView. 

Part # Fits Size
WMGZ-EV03 EV Touring model with fairing  (shown)   22"HX22"W $149.95
WMGZ-CC03  Fits All 98 & Newer  Moto Guzzi's with the Classic Windshield. 21"HX26"W $189.89
WPAC-AF07 Fits Pacifico Aero Foil Fairing 17"HX22 1/2"W $  89.95

Sport Windshield

Universal Windscreens for Sport bikes by Givi

Don't pay $300-$400 for a shield for your 
V11 Sport when Harper's has them color 
matched to the black or silver Sports. 
Mounts to the HL brackets.
Tinted windscreen. Available in glossy or matte finish.
Matte finish is special order. Allow 3 weeks.
Specify black or silver. Note: Silver is not an exact color match.

A750 Matte  14" X 18"    $196.80
A750 Gloss 14" X 18"  $235.80
Mounts to the HL brackets. Fits over 7 or 8" HL.
Tinted windscreen. Available in glossy or matte finish. 
Matte finish is special order. Allow 3 weeks.
Specify black or silver. Note: Silver is not an exact color match.
Slightly Larger than the A750.
A755 Matte 16.5" X 18" $196.80
A755 Gloss 16.5" X 18" $251.80

(Not shown on a Moto Guzzi)

Universal Airstar Screen by Givi
Not just for Moto Guzzi.

Fits most all handlebar sizes, from 7/8" and up. 
For  handlebars larger than 7/8" you will need to order the 
adaptor listed below.
Tinted windscreen. Not for sport bikes.

A650   Size:  25WX20H        $169.80
Z278   Adaptor    $16.95

      750 Breva

See also Bolt on Accessories 
For old style W/shield brackets and other bolt on accessories from Harper's!
click here

Moto Guzzi Factory Windshields
Fits: Jackal, Bassa, EV1100, Stone, Aluminum, Titanium, California 1100  Touring series.
0357 5170  California Touring Windshield Kit
Fits 1998 and later touring models except the EV.
SIZE:21 1/4"H X 31"W

The above fork mounted windshield features maximum wind and weather protection rivaling a frame mounted fairing w/o the extra weight. Touring style windshield with chrome plated steel mounting brackets.

0357 5131 Classic Windshield Kit
Fits Bassa, Jackal, EV and bikes with the larger HL.
SIZE: 16 1/2"H X 22 1/2"W


The above fork mounted windshield is a 1950's classic police style with true style and function.  With chrome plated steel straps and mounting brackets.

OEM Replacement Windshields
These are exact OEM replacement windshields at less than OEM price. Undrilled. Stock tint.

Harper's Pt # Model Bike MG Pt # Retail Our Price
N/A Eldorado 1257 7250 $167.94   None
1190000 Eldo LAPD N/A N/A   85.00
1190010 Eldo LAPD +10cm* N/A N/A   74.95
1189100 V65SP 1957 7265 134.05   99.00
1189000 SP 1757 7261 148.30 141.72
1188900 LM I 1457 7250 80.78   54.26
1188500 LM II, CX100 1457 7255 254.88 145.00
1188700 LM III 2857 7250 108.29   73.17
1189310 LM IV 2857 7278 151.24   49.62
1188320 SP III+10 cm* N/A N/A   74.95

*Same style and appearance as original with a little more protection on top.
See also Bolt on Accessories.

Testimonial:    Letter of appreciation to Curtis and Harper Staff
Thank you for being there when I needed you.
The help you gave me on my 1973 850 Eldorado to get it restored. The fast service on getting parts to me.
The willingness to give me advice. This  is all greatly appreciated. I have enclosed a picture of my Moto Guzzi and Eagle Side Car.

Thank you, again.  Dave Pickrell,  Evansville, In.

For more testimonials 

and PlexiStar  2

PLEXIFAIRING 3, for the rider who demands full protection from wind and weather. Lightweight and aerodynamic, The PLEXIFAIRING 3 won't affect handling or performance and yet easily removes. Features National Cycles exclusive QuickSet Mounting system which allows fast removal and perfectly aligned reinstallation in seconds.  

PLEXISTAR 2 is a windshield and does not give the same coverage as the Plexifairing.  Great for smaller cycle applications or if you don't want the larger shield. 2 sizes available. 18 1/2 Tall X 32" Wide or 20 1/2 Tall X 30 1/2 Wide. Clear or Tint. Same great qualities as the Plexifairing 3. 

Item No. Description Height Width Price
552613 Plexifairing 3, Clear* 20 1/2" 33" $189.95
552623 Plexifairing 3, Tint* 23" 29 3/4" $195.95
552693 Plexifairing 3,  Fits 1997 & older 22" 29 1/2" $195.79
552513 Strada, Mille GT, Clear 21" 32" $189.95
552332 PlexiStar 2 Clear For smaller applications  18 1/2" 32" $159.95
552342 PlexiStar 2 Tint  18 1/2" 32" $164.95
552262 PlexiStar 2 Clear 20 1/2" 30 1/2" $159.95
552273 PlexiStar 2 Tint 20 1/2" 30 1/2" $164.95

* Fits All California 1984 through 1997 & 850 T, T3, G5, Convert.
Note that some alteration may be needed on G5 and Convert with large crash bar.

National Cycle, Heavy Duty Windshield
for 1997 and older Moto Guzzi's

This good looking line of "police" style shields offers great protection, scratch resistant lexan polycarbonate and high luster chrome strapping trim. Adjustable for height. Some available in colors. Mounting brackets must be ordered separately, below.

For more shield choices click here

National Cycle Windshield Chart
Item No. Style/Tint Height Width Price
553813 Touring /Clear 201/2-23 1/2 21 1/2 $219.95
552270 Chopped /Clear 15 1/2-18 1/2 21 1/2 209.95
552230 Clear/Beaded 20 1/2-23 1/2 21 1/2 $249.95
552233 Black/Beaded 20 1/2-23 1/2 21 1/2 $229.95
Heavy Duty
553809 Custom/Clear 18 1/2-20 1/2 19 $209.95
553816 Ranger/Clear 13 1/2-15 1/2 16 1/2 $190.95

National Cycle Mounting Brackets for the 
Heavy Duty Windshields above.
Quick Release Windshield brackets allow you to install or remove 
a windshield in a matter of seconds with NO TOOLS!

Model Touring, Beaded, Chopped Ranger, Custom Price
All 1975-87 Not Available 553806 $59.29
California 1988-97
750 Nevada, 750 Strada
553807 553807 $59.29

                     POLICE WINDSHIELD BRACKETS for your ELDORADO from Harper's
We brought 'em back. These brackets are available again only from Harper's. With this bracket kit you can easily put the police style windshield on your Ambassador or Eldorado. Nice quality black powder coat. Easy installation. Windshield not included. Use top 4 part numbers in National Cycle Windshield chart above . 
Not for Heavy duty shields.

Item No. Description Price  
011071 Eldorado/Ambassador Brackets
1350 6800 Eldorado/Ambassador LAPD Brackets $59.95
Civilian LAPD        

                                                     VETTER FAIRING BRACKETS For Moto Guzzi motorcycles, only.
These fairing brackets are for mounting Vetter fairings on the Moto Guzzi, only. Will not work on any other brand motorcycle.  Brackets only, no wiring included. Color: Black.
Limited to current stock.

Item No. Description Price
011028 All 850 and 1000cc Moto Guzzi
1975 to 1985 except California II
011027 California II  Moto Guzzi   $75.00

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